Medical Equipment Provider in Bridgeville

Having trusted medical equipment can be critical to supporting medical needs, and when used as directed, that equipment goes a long way toward helping improve quality of life. For over 25 years, AdvaCare Home Services has provided high-quality home medical equipment and ongoing customer service to Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, residents.

We’re Allegheny County’s trusted home medical supply company. Our local warehouses and experienced care providers will give you the equipment and ongoing service you need for greater peace of mind regarding your health and the health of your loved ones.

To ensure we can meet your needs, we offer a wide selection of medical equipment, including respiratory therapy equipment, oxygen, sleep apnea units, and other medical devices. The AdvaCare team will provide you with the support you need to set up and maintain your equipment.

A Top Home Medical Supply Company

At AdvaCare Home Services, our experienced staff is dedicated to servicing your medical equipment and providing you with ongoing care. We have a professional respiratory staff ready to help you set up your home medical equipment and show you how to use it, and our team will proactively contact you to reorder your necessary products for the future to keep you on track. Whenever you have questions or product inquiries, our highly trained and experienced staff is available any time of day, seven days a week.

AdvaCare Home Services can make your life even easier by getting the right documents from your physician. We’ll handle delivery, shipping, and equipment setup details for you to make the process simpler. To help you receive more detailed and accurate treatments, our respiratory equipment and CPAP units can record your data nightly for convenient sharing with your doctor. Our dedicated staff will work with you every day if necessary to help you use your equipment and answer your questions.

Partner With AdvaCare Home Services

At AdvaCare, we provide our respiratory equipment customers with:

  • Ongoing support to help you use your respiratory equipment and stay accountable for it.
  • Smart CPAP equipment that allows information to be easily sent to your doctor so you can receive better treatment.
  • Adjustments to your CPAP unit as prescribed by your physician if you still experience respiratory distress.
  • Respiratory equipment delivered on schedule and monitored every month.

When you choose AdvaCare Home Services for your requirements, we’ll support you in several ways. We offer a knowledgeable, kind team that will answer your questions at any time. To ensure you get deliveries right when you need them, we maintain local equipment and supply warehouses that will quickly deliver the products you need right to your door. You can also get help keeping up with your supply needs with the assistance of attentive staff members who can contact you and proactively order your supplies.

Let AdvaCare Home Services Assist You With Your Medical Equipment Needs

When your doctor prescribes medical equipment for you or you decide to purchase your own, choose a local company that’s always there for you. AdvaCare Home Services provides ongoing support for our respiratory and medical equipment to help you or your loved ones breathe easier and receive high-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. With fast follow-up on questions and support from a live person, our services offer you personalized care to help you make the best decisions for your health. Contact us today for questions and product inquiries.

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