Why AdvaCare

Partner with AdvaCare and rest well knowing our experienced respiratory therapists are ready to help your office provide exceptional service, and meet the immediate and long-term equipment needs of your respiratory patients, including CPAP and BiPAP patients.

When you refer a patient to AdvaCare you will have peace of mind knowing we will:

  • Handle the insurance
  • Take care of the patient
  • Follow-up with the patient
  • Follow-up with you, the physician regarding your patient’s performance using his/her CPAP, BiPAP, or respiratory equipment
  • AdvaCare consistently achieves compliance outcomes significantly greater than the national average

We handle all the above in a quick, efficient, and accurate manner, so there’s no lag time resulting in the patient calling your office looking for an update. We handle the responsibility, so you can invest your time where it matters the most.

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Best DME Provider for Physicians’ Offices to Refer To

What makes us the best choice for you and your patients?
It’s the AdvaCare Advantage! AdvaCare Home Services has highly skilled respiratory therapists, and we supply various in-home medical devices, we are experts in respiratory equipment and with patient monitoring and coaching, complete with in office, in home, or telemedicine options


  1. Referrals are worry-free. We get it right the first time.
  2. Live, local customer service, and equipment delivery quickly scheduled.
  3. Knowledgeable & caring customer service reps, certified & registered respiratory therapists, and competency-tested service technicians.
  4. Available after hours, weekends, and holidays for emergency needs.
  5. Consistently achieving high customer satisfaction.

Experienced DME Staff and Respiratory Therapists for CPAP and BiPAP Set-up

Your patient’s medical equipment is much more than just a delivery or a package. We have well-trained, and experienced staff that will provide your patient with the valuable information they need. For instance, our licensed Respiratory Therapists will set up their CPAP and BIPAP devices and educate them on using the device along with additional tips and choices that best fit their needs. We offer setup assistance at home, in our PAP clinics, and via telehealth services.

Save yourself time and know your patients are taken care of with AdvaCare Home Services!

Stay in the Know with Medicare Updates

Your Medical Records Play a Vital Role in Ordering and Providing DMEPOS to Your Patients

Medicare Ordering Information 

When you place an order for your patient’s medical supplies, you want to ensure all the necessary information is included. Below, we created an easy to access guide for placing orders.

Are you ordering…

Ongoing Medicare Education 

Allow us to be an ongoing educational resource for you and your staff. Below, are links to access guides on information to include when ordering supplies or tests.

Clinician Resource Letters

Clinician Checklists

Clinician Tutorials

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