Non-Invasive Ventilation Setup

Non-Invasive Home Ventilation Setup

If your lungs can’t get sufficient oxygen to your body when you’re breathing independently, non-invasive home ventilation (NIV) can help. Locating a caring, experienced home ventilator provider will help you get the resources you need to promote better breathing, energy levels, and alertness.

At AdvaCare Home Services, our licensed Respiratory Therapists can guide you through the processes of setup and ongoing use to help improve your quality of life.

Once we receive your doctor’s orders, your AdvaCare Home Services Respiratory Therapist and customer service experts will guide you through the initial setup process. Customer service will verify and obtain authorization from your insurance company, explain any costs you may have with deductibles and copays, and get you scheduled. Your therapist will come to your home to explain the unit to you and fit you for a comfortable mask. If you use oxygen now, we can explain how to combine the two therapies. We will contact you frequently as you start your non-invasive ventilation.

When you trust AdvaCare Home Services for your respiratory needs, we will work hard to ensure you receive the best clinical experience, care for your safety, and help increase your quality of life using the equipment your physician ordered for you. We provide caring and experienced staff, upfront service cost explanations, and delivery options to meet your needs. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.

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    Benefits of Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) at Home

    Non-invasive ventilation is a comfortable option prescribed to help you breathe better. It can help control COPD symptoms or thoracic or neuromuscular disorders that may be affecting your breathing. It’s easy to set up, and it’s simple to manage and use.

    NIV Setup Process

    When you choose AdvaCare Home Services as your home ventilator supply company, we offer various services that ensure you have everything you need to effectively use your equipment.

    Initial In-Home Setup by a Certified Respiratory Therapist

    To get you started, we provide an in-person setup at your home or at a clinic to help you use your NIV system. We’re available to answer specific questions, ensure your NIV fits comfortably, and provide you with personalized education about your equipment.

    One of our licensed Respiratory Therapists will be available to take you through the setup process. Highly knowledgeable and experienced, our therapists have expertise in setting up NIVs and can answer any questions you may have.

    Consistent Follow-Up From AdvaCare Home Services

    To ensure our customers get the most from their equipment, we follow up with all new clients. After providing initial instructions, our Respiratory Team will check in three days later and then at 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day intervals. If you have a concern or need help, we’re available by phone as well.

    Reduced Hospitalization Frequency

    When used as prescribed, non-invasive ventilators can significantly reduce hospitalizations and readmissions. Our clients have enjoyed considerable benefit from these services.

    Why Choose AdvaCare Home Services for Home Ventilator Setup?

    From the beginning stages of the process to ongoing check-ins, AdvaCare Home Services is with you every step of the way for home ventilation. Some of the ways our services will help you include:

    • Adaptability: We’re dedicated to serving our customers, and we’ll accommodate and adapt to your needs.
    • Upfront billing: We will explain all your deductibles and coinsurance charges or arrange for private pay. We have multiple payment options and will explain any specific insurance requirements before setting up.
    • Caring and professional staff: Our highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals are here to support you with whatever you need.

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    At AdvaCare Home Services, we’re committed to providing health equipment and service that promotes a healthier, more comfortable life. We serve as a liaison between you and your physicians, reporting your progress as well as equipment settings and functions. Our goal is to ensure comfortable, clinically appropriate settings with quality respiratory equipment and exceptional customer support as we work with your physician to help you experience better breathing.

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