CPAP and BiPAP Setup

CPAP and BiPAP units help many people regain a quality night’s sleep by alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that can make it difficult to stay awake and refreshed during the day. With obstructive sleep apnea, the upper airway closes during sleep, which prevents fresh air and oxygen from entering your lungs. This closure happens repeatedly during the night. A sleep study, whether at home or in a lab, will provide your doctor with the information to make this diagnosis and prescribe a PAP unit.

These devices also provide monitoring capabilities so we can be your coach as you start using the equipment. We can view your progress and offer suggestions and ideas if you experience a challenge with use. We also make the process of getting the replacement supplies you need simple.

One of our licensed Respiratory Therapists will set you up on the device, educate you on its use, and offer fitting tips and choices for the face mask that best fits your prescription and needs. We offer setup assistance in the home, in our PAP clinics, and over telehealth services for those wishing a touch-free delivery.

Nightly compliance with use is our mutual goal — when used as prescribed, a PAP unit can help you feel more rested and awake, and numerous studies indicate that long-term compliance can reduce stroke risk and heart disease and allow for better control of hypertension and diabetes. Compliance means you use the unit at least four hours a night for at least 70% or more of the time.

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Non-Invasive Home Ventilator Setup

If your doctor has ordered a non-invasive home ventilator, we’ll deliver and set up the system according to their specifications, providing in-home setup by one of our licensed Respiratory Therapists. Using the same type of comfortable mask that many PAP users also use, this device offers more clinical settings for those who may need additional respiratory support due to severe COPD, neuromuscular disease weakness, or other conditions that make it difficult for your lungs to move oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.

For many of our clients, the nightly use of this device significantly reduced readmissions and allowed them to experience a better quality of life. It supports your respiratory system when your lungs cannot function independently to provide the oxygen level your body requires.

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