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AdvaCare Home Services is a locally owned and operated home medical equipment company serving patients and caregivers. Since 1996, we have been providing patients with home medical equipment and supplies, along with the best customer care in the region.

What Is the Purpose of Home Medical Equipment?

Home medical equipment allows individuals to receive medical treatments from the comfort of their own homes.

Health problems can have a major impact on a patient’s quality of life because they interfere with everyday functions like breathing comfortably or getting a good night’s sleep. When a patient is treated at an inpatient facility, they’re thrust into an unfamiliar environment and forced to uproot their lives and their usual routine. They become dependent on their caregiving staff’s schedule, and their quality of life can deteriorate sharply.

In contrast, those treated in their homes feel more comfortable and secure in their environment. Though their quality of life is still impacted by their health, they can continue creating their own schedules and managing their treatments outside of a facility, giving them the confidence that comes with retained independence.

With home health equipment, seniors can age in place and others with serious health concerns can avoid expensive visits to medical facilities for treatment.

What Are Common Types of Home Medical Equipment?

Several common diagnoses require a patient to receive ongoing care. Many of these continual treatments can be done at home using common home medical supplies and equipment. The following represent just a small selection of the supplies and equipment we provide:

Oxygen Concentrators

Supplemental oxygen therapy is often prescribed to patients who can’t get enough oxygen on their own. With home oxygen concentrators, patients receive a constant flow of oxygen day or night without having to change their environments.

These devices concentrate surrounding air into pure oxygen without ever needing to be refilled.

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PAP Units

Positive airway pressure (PAP) units work by delivering pressurized air through the airway passage to prevent apneas. Though CPAP — continuous positive airway pressure — units are the most common, we also provide APAP and BiPAP equipment that works in slightly different ways.

At-home health equipment is especially useful for patients with sleep apnea because they only need treatment at night.

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Non-Invasive Ventilators

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) units are used to treat many chronic respiratory diseases by increasing ventilation through a nasal or face mask. This equipment is considered non-invasive because it doesn’t require tracheal intubation as normal ventilators would.

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Tracheostomy Support

Home medical equipment is an excellent option for continued at-home treatment of patients who have received a tracheostomy. Having the right home health supplies, like proper suction equipment, is especially important and can even be lifesaving.

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There are two types of nebulizers available to patients with a physician’s order.

A nebulizer is a special medication cup that is connected to a small compressor and is used for breathing treatments for asthma or COPD.  By adding prescribed medications to the cup, the user directs a  medicated mist directly into the airways to reduce wheezing and help clear the airways with a more effective cough.  This can be used by all ages with either a mouthpiece or a mask and takes less than 10 minutes.

A large volume nebulizer is a specialized humidifier bottle that provides a mist for people who may have a tracheostomy or other need for constant humidification.  The nebulizer bottle connects to a compressor which then produces a fine mist to a mask that fits over the tracheostomy. These units are primarily used during daytime naps or at night.

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3 Characteristics to Look for in a Medical Supply Company

While there are many places online to purchase home health equipment, not every medical supply company is created equal. You’ll have the best experience if you look for a company with these three characteristics:

Quick Delivery and Setup

When you require continuous treatment for a medical condition, you can’t wait for your equipment to arrive — it has to be ready when you need it. Look for a medical supplies company that will quickly deliver, install, and set up your home medical equipment for you.

At AdvaCare Home Services, we have a local supply warehouse that allows us to ship faster and get supplies to our customers quickly. We will deliver and set up your equipment, so it’s ready when you are.

Ongoing Care and Support

Your relationship with your medical supply company shouldn’t end when the purchase is complete. As long as you are using your home medical equipment, you need ongoing support. AdvaCare Home Services offers 24/7/365 live support from real people — never robots or voice prompts. We’ll replenish your supplies and check in periodically to make sure you’re okay.

Desire to Say Yes

Big medical supply companies are tangled in red tape and focused on what can’t be done. Instead, look for a positive partner who is focused on ways to say yes. At AdvaCare, we are always working toward solutions that will better help us serve you. We strive to find a way to say yes in every interaction.

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