Tracheostomy Care Supplies

Tracheostomy Care Supplies

Patients who have undergone a tracheotomy are left with a stoma, or opening, in the neck. Stomas can be permanent or temporary, and they are designed to help oxygen reach the airway. The stoma normally has a small tube called a tracheostomy tube in this opening to make it easier to breathe, cough, and keep the airway clear of mucus. Taking care of this stoma often requires specialized supplies or equipment to help you maintain your airway.

AdvaCare Home Services supplies a range of trach products for the different tasks involved, and we offer professional support to make this care easy for clients.

Tracheal Products

Tracheostomies affect many different aspects of the breathing process. The trachea’s stoma causes oxygen to bypass the nose and mouth, which serve essential functions like filtering and humidifying the air that we breathe in.

These alterations to the process mean that tracheostomy patients have to use certain supplies to function normally. For instance, when inhaled air hasn’t been filtered and humidified, mucus and foreign particles can build up inside the respiratory tract, creating obstructions that may require suction catheters and suction units to remove. Clients also need to ensure that the tube stays in place during heavy movements, like coughing. A simple and comfortable foam trach tie can serve this purpose.

Our trach products help people manage these needs, and they’re all delivered quickly with professional support.

Suction Catheters

Suction catheters attach to suction machines and aid in removing secretions like mucus and saliva from the respiratory tract. There are many different styles of trach suction catheters available for purchase. Insurance normally covers a set amount monthly. There are various sizes that correspond to your trach tube’s size to make it as comfortable as possible when suctioning.

Tracheal Masks

A tracheal mask connects the stoma to an oxygen supply, which may be prescribed after a tracheostomy. These masks cover the trach tube, therefore allowing oxygen to enter the airway when you breathe.

Tracheal Tubes

The tracheal tube is the curved tube that is inserted into the airway. These tubes come in a few different styles and sizes for different clinical purposes. Physicians usually prescribe the type and size of the tube.

Tracheal Collars

A tracheal collar secures the tracheal tube in place and can keep it there even during muscle spasms or coughing fits. It can also be called a trach tie or trach collar. Tracheal collars come in a range of sizes, styles, and compositions, including cotton, foam, and neoprene materials, to address various patient needs.

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    Large Volume Nebulizers and Compressors

    Patients often require humidification to help alleviate the dryness that can occur when the nose is no longer filtering and humidifying the air that is breathed in. A large volume nebulizer is simply a specialized bottle that holds sterile water and provides mist for humidification — an included comfort dial lets the user set the amount of mist generated.

    The nebulizer bottle connects to a compressor with a strong enough airflow to produce a fine mist through corrugated tubing, then to a mask that fits over the tracheostomy. If necessary, oxygen can be added to the tube before the mask connection.

    Because the compressor and tubing need to stay no more than 6 feet long to deliver the desired humidification, the unit is generally set up in one area of the home, such as the bedroom or near a favorite chair. Therefore, many patients use large volume nebulizers primarily at night or during daytime naps. We will guide you based on your physician’s order.

    Why Choose AdvaCare Home Services for Tracheostomy Supplies?

    AdvaCare offers a wide range of tracheostomy care supplies and exceptional support for customers. Our licensed Respiratory Therapists have in-depth experience and can answer any equipment questions. In addition to this professional level of care, we also offer:

    • Fast delivery: We store products in our local warehouses, allowing us to get them to their destination much quicker than many other companies can.
    • Live support: When you call us for assistance, we’ll connect you with a real person who can help you — never an auto-attendant.
    • Easy collaboration with insurance and care providers: We’ll take care of the paperwork, setup, and authorizations, so you don’t have to.

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