Troubleshooting Guide of Common Problems

Problem Possible Causes Correction
Mask leaks Strap too tight or too loose Readjust headgear. The mask should be as loose as possible while keeping a seal
Skin Irritation Headgear too tight
Allergic reaction to mask
Readjust headgear
Contact AdvaCare Home Services for Mask refit
Stuffy or Dry nose
Nose bleed
Dry air Use heated humidification
Increase heat on humidifier
Try nasal saline spray before & after use
Ask physician if antihistamine or nasal steroid spray may help
Dry mouth Sleeping with mouth open Ensure mask isn't leaking first
Try a chin strap if you are using a nasal or nasal pillow interface
If this doesn't work, try a full face mask
Add or increase heated humidity
Sore, dry, irritated or swollen eyes Mask leaks Readjust headgear straps
Inspect mask for stiffness or cracks
Replace mask if needed
Runny nose Dry air
Reaction to air flow
Increase heated humidification
Try saline nasal spray
Ask physician about nasal anti-inflammatory sprays (may be purchased over the counter)
Too much pressure It will take time to get use to the pressure Use the RAMP button to decrease pressure temporarily
You may use it again until you fall asleep
Nose, sinus or ear pain Head cold, sinus/ middle ear infection Notify physician in more than 2 days
Snoring, tiredness, restless sleeping Mouth opening
Pressure may need adjusted
Weight gain/loss
Try chin strap or full face mask
Contact AdvaCare Home Services
Contact physician- may need increase in pressure or repeat sleep study
Air is too cold Room too cold Increase room temperature
Place tubing under blankets
Add or increase heating humidity
Consider heated tubing option if available
Water in tubing Room too cold
Machine too high
Temperature too high
Increase room temperature
Place machine lower or on the floor
Decrease humidifier temperature
Machine too noisy Blocked air intake Check/ clean filters
Contact AdvaCare Home Services if problem persists
Machine does not turn on Electrical Problem Check power cord connection and to wall outlet
Contact AdvaCare Home Services if problem persists