Medical Equipment Provider in Greensboro

When you need reliable home medical equipment and supplies in Greensboro, North Carolina, choose AdvaCare Home Services for compassionate care and unsurpassed services. We are committed to helping manage your and your loved ones’ health.

We offer a wide selection of home medical supplies, including respiratory equipment, oxygen systems, and CPAP units. Our experienced professionals can answer questions and help set up our high-quality equipment and supplies, encouraging you to breathe and sleep well.

Your Trusted Home Medical Supply Company

AdvaCare Home Services is a leading home medical supply company in the Greensboro area. We have over 25 years of experience helping our customers receive the home medical supplies and equipment they need. Our professional respiratory staff is ready to set up the medical equipment you need in your home, so you can rest assured that the product will work correctly.

At AdvaCare, we offer long-term customer service for our equipment. We ensure you have the support you need to manage your health based on your doctor’s prescriptions. Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions and follow up to see how your home medical equipment and supplies work for you. We will also proactively order the supplies you need.

Partner With AdvaCare Home Services

In addition to providing medical equipment and supplies, we offer home services. When you trust AdvaCare Home Services to fulfill your respiratory needs, our experts can help you use the equipment as prescribed.

For patients with respiratory equipment and care, we provide:

  • Dedicated staff to help support you using your respiratory equipment.
  • HOPE education programs for patients managing their COPD and CFD from home.
  • Monthly respiratory equipment delivery and monitoring.
  • CPAP and respiratory units that download and send your sleep data directly to your doctor.
  • Adjustments to CPAP units to optimize your breathing if your symptoms continue.

We also have:

  • A supportive, knowledgeable, and kind team that will offer outstanding customer service.
  • A compassionate, professional staff that regularly contacts you and ensures you have the supplies you need.
  • Local supply warehouses that deliver your home medical equipment and supplies quickly.

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AdvaCare Home Services in Greensboro is the best local company to serve your needs for top-quality home medical equipment and supplies. Our dedicated team is ready to support and help you and your loved ones manage your health.